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As a natural born go-getter, my passion has continuously driven me to expand my knowledge, experience, and relationships. With strong fundamentals and diverse skill set, I’m confident in the creative ideas and successful solutions I bring to the table. Keep exploring my site to learn more information about me, and reach out directly with any questions.

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Professional Experience

Background & Expertise

Product Manager

A business opportunity to bring cost savings and cross-functional synergies led to fulfilling this enterprise role with a passion. Ensuring the PPM product supports various business units was key to changing the way we work in support of organizational goals.

Portfolio Manager

Providing a holistic view via reporting &  dashboards allows for data driven decision making. I represent the Chief Data Office supporting  various strategic goals such as Entity Resolution, Data Protection, Data Governance and Data Enrichment. Objectives are defined, scope aligned to organizational pillars, and performance monitored via detailed plans and financial management.

Program Manager

Developed frameworks to support larger organizational objectives such as data protection, domain consolidation, disaster recovery, data acquisition & strategy and collections. Success is measured by operational expense reduction, increasing business continuity, improving speed to market, improving service levels and maintaining rate of attrition.

Project Manager/Scrum Master

The emphasis to adaptability should be the focus for every project manager/scrum master. Delivering work in either Waterfall and/or Agile methodology is the mindset I foster. This hybrid approach creates a project roadmap ensuring collaboration, time, budget and scope are managed accordingly for stakeholders. Flexible enough to deliver your "to-do" in any discipline such as Infrastructure, Software and Business.

DevOps Engineer

This was a big step from moving away from my comfort zone which led to discovering hidden abilities. The role exposed 2 creative disciplines: Infrastructure and Coding. Working with diverse teams such as hardware engineers, developers, product managers and marketing to manage production releases to 25++ million streaming subscribers throughout the United States.

Technical Support

The beginning of the Ying & Yang from a technical support perspective. Understanding how hardware and software are integrated was key to the comprehension of 3 disciplines: Software, Hardware and Business.  Each discipline influences the other for continuous improvement and integration which are beneficial for the end user.

Adjunct Professor

A mentor once said, “A teacher is present when students are ready…” Drafting lesson plans and understanding student needs was one of my upmost career highlights. Teaching and developing the minds for tomorrow’s engineers, accountants, doctors, etc.… left a life-long respect for humanity.


Not all coaches are created equal. I use my experience as a practical approach to help others find their way to developing a better version of themselves. Obstacles are good to have since they lead to discovering and polishing hidden potential you never thought you had. Let’s walk together in writing a new chapter in your life.

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Learning and Living


The 1994 World Cup opened my eyes to fully understand what discipline and teamwork really meant. Soccer is not just fun but a way of life. You only know how to win when you experience loss – a common lesson in life.


Life is a long journey consisting of relationships. Growing with others and gaining perspectives tightens my bond with my mentees.


It brings me great joy to give back to the community and always look forward to speaking again in a corporate setting and/or PMI Symposium.

Research & Design

Fear of the unknown steer people away. You will never know what lies ahead if you don’t venture for more. Researching then learning about new design philosophies such as Python and/or Gamification can be successfully applied at work and life. This website is my 1st attempt and served as a great learning experience :)


Does art lie in the eyes of the beholder? Probably…but know I was born with that passion. An artistic touch is put into every plan, design, framework and process. Art will co-exist in our products, services and for many generations to come.

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Professional Competencies

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Create like an Artist


Think like an Engineer

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Business Meeting

Business Management

Collect then share as One

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"Who you are today is because of yesterday"

Bruce Lee

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